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Switzerland is becoming the most competitive, business destination globally. The attractiveness of the country as an investment destination stems from its unwavering financial, economic, and political framework conditions plus the highest propensity for innovation. This ground-breaking strength has made Swiss companies to successfully compete against business rivals across different business sectors.

Swiss Companies generally strive to make improvements to their businesses by investing in research and development. This is partly due to the leading research facilities and access to highly qualified experts in Switzerland. Switzerland offers companies the most favourable conditions to optimize their business processes through improved efficiency. Not only does this boosts the domestic market but also extended to international investors.

Why you should invest in Swiss Companies?

  • Competitive tax system – Switzerland has a successful tax system model. Taxes are determined and levied at the municipal, cantonal, and federal levels. As a foreign investor, you also benefit from the same tax regulation just as any national investor.
  • Favourable Conditions For Business – A strong purchasing power, a federal stable system, a stable currency, including political, social and economic stability guarantee a high-security level for any investments in Switzerland.
  • Bilateral Investment Promotion – Although not in the EU, Switzerland has negotiated bilateral trade agreements with all European countries to protect foreign investments. All of these make the Swiss business environment as friendly and attractive as possible. By investing in Swiss companies, there is also a reduction in risks associated with international expansion.
  • Relaxed labour laws – Switzerland’s labour market is uniquely different due to its exceptional social stability, light-touch regulation, and liberal legislation. Strike actions are also rare, and any labour disputes are quickly resolved by the social partners. There is also the social insurance system for workers that depend on the principles of personal responsibility and solidarity.

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