Swiss resident permits

All nationalities are welcome to visit Switzerland for up to three months. Beyond that, it means that you are economically active in the country and this can only be allowed if you have a residence permit.

The Swiss residence permit is not always a permit that is obtained for a mere financial reward. Sometimes it is necessary to demonstrate your interest in participating in Swiss working life.
If your only wish is to come and enjoy the Swiss quality of life without working there, the Swiss lump-sum tax package is the best but also the solution that will cost you the most. This imposes a minimum annual tax expense which generally varies between CHF 150,000 and CHF 450,000 depending on the canton. However, Zurich has abolished this possibility in its canton.

If you wish to invest in Switzerland it is also possible for you to become a resident. This kind of procedure is delicate and must be validated by the government. Each case is different and requires a complete mastery of the elements surrounding the project, which is why we are surrounded by the best specialists who have been practicing these activities for decades.

Regardless of your nationality and age, Switzerland welcomes anyone who wants to contribute to the quality of life for which the country is famous.
However, it is important to remember that the demands are high. We are skilled in the procedures previously exposed and will gladly accompany you in your project.