From 19.12.2021 to 07.01.2022

Registration fees CHF 120.-

3 Programs

1. CHF 3100/week, including classes, activities, standard room accommodation, meals, insurance and transportation during the program, activities and travel tickets. Transportation to and fromcamp, personal expenses and pocket money are not included.

2. CHF 7300/three weeks, including two days of international school placement, activities, accommodation, meals, insurance, transportation during the program, activities and travel tickets, childcare services in Switzerland and transportation to and from the camp (Geneva-Camp-Geneva). Excludes private lesson service fees (- 10%), private lesson teacher fees and pocket money expenses.

3. CHF 8370 /three weeks, including two days of international school placement, English lessons, activities, single room accommodation, meals, insurance, transportation during the program, tickets for activities and trips, Swiss care for minors and transportation to and from the camp (Geneva-Camp-Geneva). Excludes personal expenses and pocket money.

Number of places are limited. First come, first served rules apply.

Other costs: deposit of CHF1000 (pocket money + other personal expenses that may be incurred; reimbursed and returned to the designated account on the day of the camp or within 10 working days of the end of the camp period). Other additional services: ensuringe smooth departure and safe return to school. As each student’s school holiday and return dates vary, our team can help arrange and coordinate hotel reservations, car and minor supervision services before and after camp at no cost to the student. All expenses incurred will be paid by parents or students or reimbursed.

This program is rich in activities, many of which are outdoor sports and activities. In case of weather changes, the itinerary may be adjusted, subject to the final recommendations and arrangements of our professional activity consultants.


Epidemic protection and measures: vaccine certificates, PCR testing (fees not included), wearing masks in public areas, frequent absorption and changes of clothing.
– Complete and routine disinfection of school dormitories and weekly change of bed linen.
– The school site itself is safe and quiet, while the common areas are equipped with cameras to
ensure safety.
– The program and school have staff on campus 24/7 with emergency contacts
– Resident teachers are fully available after 7pm
– Local driver and transportation arrangements to ensure student safety
– Accident insurance in Switzerland
– Parent group for program students to keep in touch and updated

Accommodation and Rooms

Modern and artistic single-family house with full facilities, kitchen, common areas, recreation facilities, laundry, snow room and other amenities. (Winner of the Best Boarding School Award 2012. All boarding students are provided with individual single room accommodations, and the dormitories are very well-equipped, including study rooms and outdoor and indoor sports (Winner of the 2012 Best Boarding School Award).

We have a total of 12 rooms and are recruiting up to 15 students. Single rooms are a priority for seniors and winter break academic boosters.
Resident teachers: 24/7 security service.

Facilities and Equipment

Student dormitory: modern and artistic single house building with full facilities and equipment, kitchen, common area, recreational facilities, laundry, snow room and other facilities and equipment are available.
Classroom and amateur school facilities: modern equipment for teachers, bright and spacious sports center with climbing, basketball, soccer, badminton, tennis, billiards and other activities corresponding to the needs of the students, as well as a library, piano room, cinema and theatre.
Disentis Sports Center: professional sports coaching, mini golf, swimming center, escape room, ice hockey and many other activities.


Supermarket: three weeks of snacks are prepared in advance. Students can purchase or reserve them in advance and send them to the school before departure (healthy and appetizing). In view of health, please plan your diet wisely. Each week has a different food theme based on the actual needs of students. You can communicate with the kitchen and chef in advance about the healthy and nutritious recipes.
There will be a presentation of Swiss specialties, with preparation and tasting, together with the chefs.
Teacher-student ratio is 1:4, with all teachers having an international background, + Swiss native teachers.
English teachers (large class, included in the course): British, professional English teachers, good at IELTS TOEFL and business English, with 20 customized English lessons. For students above B1 level.


Private lessons (20 lessons, 45 minutes each): students who do not want to take large lessons can choose from a variety of one-on-one private lessons, with fees ranging from 80-200 Swiss Francs. This depends on the actual needs of the student and parental confirmation and is mainly to improve the academic performance of students, especially in grades 10-12.
Private lessons are available in Math, English, French, German, Economics, Abstract Art, Painting, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Photography and Video, Drama, Blockchain and Leadership. Professional teachers CVs are available and provide target setting – 20 lessons.
Sports and outdoor activity teachers: professional, licensed coaches and advisors with years of outdoor and student experience.

The Partners

Mr. Tatu

• An entrepreneur, active in several companies in Switzerland and abroad
• MBA in Business School Lausanne
• Languages: French, German and English

Ms. QU

• Master’s degree at University of Geneva in children’s rights and BA degree in Business English and English literature at Beijing Unions University
• 6 years of work experience in marketing and branding in early childhood education in China
• Languages: Chinese, English, French and Spanish

The Team


• A statistician at the International Trade Centre, a specialized agency of the United Nations in
• Graduated from Columbia University’s M.A. in statistics and the University of Colorado for two
years and completed a double bachelor’s degrees there
• Teacher in math and economics, while also teaching at the university laboratories
• Offers coding classes in Python, R, and SAS with small projects involved
• Teaches university-level classes like trigonometry, abstract math and combinatorics
• Languages: Chinese, English and French


• Master’s degree from Herzen University, Saint Petersburg, and a BA degree from Shanghai
Normal University
• Aconfident and dedicated photographer with experience in both professional and
freelance photography
• Holds nearly 4 years of work experience in various photography and videography jobs
• Intimately familiar with taking high-quality digital photographs, including framing, selecting
and setting up lighting, and determining advanced shutter and lens options
• Languages: Chinese, English , French and Russian

Public service and charity

Project to protect the Romansh languages, the fourth national language of Switzerland, which is in danger.
You are invited to join us (for students in the CAS program of the IB and for students interested in charity).
– Disentis is the birthplace of the Romansh languages, the official language of Switzerland, and the official language of the region, with traces of Romansh languages everywhere
– Of Switzerland’s 8 million people and four official languages, about 60,000 speak Romansh languages (less than 1%).
-We work with Lia Rumantscha, which has been working hard for centuries to preserve and protect Romansh, trying to stop it from becoming another dead or dying language.
– Ways to participate: Planning, organizing and executing the graduation ceremony (with the guidance and coordination of the art teacher and piano teacher and the assistance of the team teachers and a certain budget support) 

Each individual using their own strengths: painting and artwork exhibition and auction (online or offline)

– Tickets for graduation performances – voluntary or CHF 3-10 per ticket
Online live streaming: tickets or voluntary donations and rewards.

How to sign up

1. Get information about the course, confirm your initial interest in participating, and pay CHF 120 to the designated account as registration fees.
2. Fill out the course registration form as required. Parents and students will be involved in the selection of courses, dormitories, meals, activities, participation in charity projects and personal needs.
3. After confirmation of course selection and activities, parents will receive the appropriate course bill and pay the relevant course fees at the designated time to confirm enrolment and space.
4. By October 31st, 2021, students and parents will receive the final schedule of courses and activities for the individual students enrolled.
5. By 30th November, 2021, the students pick-up and drop-off times from school will be confirmed and preparations and arrangements for the winter program entry will be made.
6. By 10th December, 2021, parents who wish to travel may, with special confirmation, live at Disentis and partially participate in the students winter program activities.
7. By 17th December, 2021, all arrangements for departures from Geneva to Disentis will be confirmed and made.

Cancellation Policy

1. The total number of students recruited for this winter program is up to 15, so students and parents who wish to participate need to confirm their intention to participate in the first place, so that we can better prepare and adjust.
2. Cancellation is free of charge until 30th October, 2021.
3. 50% of the tuition fee will be refunded for cancellation before 15th November, 2021.
4. For cancellations before 10th December, 2021, 20% of the price will be refunded.