Sports in Swiss Schools

Switzerland has amazing landscapes and a variety of them, giving the opportunity for many sports to take place. With mountains of around 4,000 meters high, skiing, hacking, climbing can all take place, and also football, tennis, hockey and many others. With no doubt skiing is one of the most popular sports in Switzerland, and tourists are drawn every year during the winter season to participate in it. 


With that, sports take a big part in the schools around Switzerland, as they are part of the culture and program. Many boarding schools around Switzerland offer students, with many options regarding choices of sports, starting from the calmest to the most agitated.

sport swiss school

The schools want to provide students with the best years of their lives. Academics are not the only important factor in a students life, sports and activities need to be balanced in order for a student to have a healthy lifestyle. Most Swiss schools encourage students to participate in sports, therefore they allow and facilitate training of students when they are competing at professional level, this means they allocate more time to the practice of the sport, while providing them with an excellent education. 

The sports in Swiss schools are divided by season. 

During Winter season students can participate in the following:

  • Skiing 
  • Snowboarding 
  • Ice hockey 
  • Curling 
  • Figure skating 

During Spring and Autumn students can participate in the following:

  • Volleyball 
  • Basketball 
  • Martial arts 
  • Indoor Football
  • Climbing 

During Summer:

  • Cricket 
  • Mountain biking 
  • Tennis 
  • Golf 
  • Football 
  • Rugby 

And these are few of the sports that students can participate in, many schools offer even a bigger variety of sports and activities, however these being the basic ones. 

Sports and activities are what binds people together, it helps connect cultures and leave all differences aside. It helps students feel part of the community and helps grow meaningful connections between them. Finding a common aspect between students is what initiates them to open up and create friendships. This creates respect between students, teachers and coordinators, respect within your personal self, and begins respecting the rules and regulations of the game. However, that is not all the physical and mental benefits are what will continue to bring the students and even help within their academic studies, as they get more motivated to get good grades, to feel good and proud of themselves, boosting their self esteem. Moreover, some students are not as outgoing and motivated by social interactions, meaning they are shy, and often prefer to do quieter activities, however as an instructor, teacher, the idea is to motivate them into opening up and that is what sports do, in most cases they even discover great skills and sports that they enjoy doing with this motivation. 

Creating a fun environment within physical activities, brings out many advantages into students’ lives. The idea of participating in competitions, in foreign activities, encourages students to perform well in both academic and sporty aspects. Schools rely on the power of activities to motivate students academically, for example, participating in tournaments and foreign activities, require the students to be performing well academically, meaning they can only participate if the teachers allow the students and see that they are putting enough effort. 

At Edelweiss Panorama International, we help students and parents in the choice of their school according to each one’s interests and abilities. We mainly work with schools that are located within the mountains, therefore in winter for example, skiing and snowboarding are mandatory, providing students with different activities and opportunities. Swiss schools make the practice of sports important, as numerous world class athletes in tennis, golf, motor sports, skiing, and among many others are alumni of various Swiss schools