La Baita House: Where Learning and Life Thrive Together

La Baita Boarding House welcomes new families and students to its nurturing and picturesque community situated on the stunning campus of Aiglon, with a nice view over the Swiss Alps. As a hub for Aiglon’s youngest students, La Baita House provides an enriching environment that seamlessly blends study and life.



Founded in 1990, La Baita House accommodates more than 28 students from Years 5 to 8. Perched on the upper campus, the boarding house features well-appointed common rooms, play areas, teaching spaces, and boarding facilities, creating a cohesive space for students to thrive.

At La Baita House, fostering the growth of responsible and confident young people is a top priority. With houseparents residing on the top floor, and bedrooms and classrooms on the lower floors, students benefit from a supportive and unified atmosphere that encourages both academic progress and personal development.


The students at La Baita House enjoy a wide range of engaging activities that go beyond the classroom. From house camping and ski trips to cultural excursions, there is never a dull moment. Recent ventures have taken them to fascinating destinations like the NASA Space Center in the USA, as well as Athens & Aegina. Closer to home, students have explored salt mines, museums, castles, and aquariums, broadening their horizons and creating lasting memories.

Social interaction plays an important role in the vibrant life of La Baita House. Regular Wednesday evening events offer a plethora of exciting opportunities for students to come together. Whether it’s participating in reading competitions, quizzes, charity bingo nights, talent shows, sports activities, or technology challenges, there is something for everyone. La Baita boys are always engaged, fostering a warm and tight-knit family bond.

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Stuart Hamilton

Director of Junior School

Bernat Solé I Salvatierra

La Baita Assistant Houseparent

Tom Abbott

La Baita House Aide