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Guardianship Services 

Moving abroad, choosing the best school or university is one of the hardest decisions a student and parent needs to make, as it is the new step into the students life, it is what will shape their future to be. Therefore, this decision is crucial, which requires help from professionals. At Edelweiss Panorama International (EPI) we always want to provide our customers with the best services possible. All our guardianship services are specifically personalised according to our customers needs and wants, with this, some of the services we offer, vary from intensive 24/7 contact support with the students and parents and finding accommodation  for our students and parents. In order to have a good relationship with our students and parents, communication has a very important role. Our students and parents need to feel comfortable to speak freely and voice their concerns in any matter, in order for things to run smoothly. EPI always wants to put their clients’ needs first, therefore regular contact with our students and parents is essential. Establishing this relationship helps us with  understanding their concerns, while always providing them with solutions

guardianship services

For example, if an issue arises in school, due to having regular contact with the students, parents and schools, we are able to find solutions fast, that benefit all parties involved. If our students are not content, or have any issues, us as guardians, we are here to facilitate what their concerns are. Having this relationship helps our students feel integrated and it facilitates their transition from their parents and home country, to a completely new and different environment.

When it comes to choosing the best school or university, we also need to take into account accommodation, if the student either wants to be boarding, therefore they sleep in campus, or if the students want to find a private place in which they want to call home. 

  • Finding accommodation for Students and Parents 

At EPI we want to facilitate our customers with all possible activities, therefore if either our students are applying to a boarding school or a university, we need to understand what their preferences are, and how we can accommodate them. All the boarding schools try to provide the best dormitories and facilities to the kids, however through our services we are able to show and we have direct contact with the schools. As we already saw the dormitories and know the team, it is easier to provide our students with the appropriate rooms. Moreover, as the students get older the accommodation is different, with university students, there is the possibility of finding a student residence, in which only students live in, or finding a private apartment. Normally, as internationally students, being the first time they move abroad to start university, they often chose students residences, as it’s easier to meet new people and experience different cultures, and there is assistance when needed, however others do prefer finding somewhere private, and that’s where EPI comes in place, in order to find something according to our customers preferences. 

 Regarding the aspect of finding accommodation for parents, this can fall under two categories, finding permanent accommodation, therefore if a family is planning to relocate to Switzerland, they would either want an apartment, or a house, then at EPI we would find the best home in terms with our clients needs and wants, or if our students parents, want to come visit their child, we would find the best hotel, either near the students school, in which they could visit them accordingly, or in the city, which would depend on our customers preferences. Also with this, regarding our customers needs we would provide them with transportation from the airport to their respective place. 

EPI wants their customers to feel secure and satisfied with the choices they make, therefore developing a relationship with them, not only causes parents to feel more secure about where they are sending their children too, but it also creates a state of comfort for the students. This is due to the students, knowing that they have someone to count on even if their parents are not around and close to them in case of any issue or challenge that arises.