Guardianship for Students in Switzerland

At EPI, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and reliable support for students and parents on their educational journey. Our mission is to ensure a smooth and secure experience abroad. We understand that education is not just about academics; it’s about creating a holistic and enriching environment for personal growth and development.

  • Regular contact with students, parents, and schools to address any transportation-related issues.
  • Providing transportation from the airport to the respective schools.
  • Ensuring students have convenient transportation options for daily commuting between their accommodation and school/university.  
guardianship in switzerland
  • Understanding the preferences of students and parents regarding accommodation during holidays.
  • Facilitating the process of finding appropriate dormitories, student residences, or private apartments for students during holidays.
  • Assisting parents in finding suitable hotels near the students’ school or in the city for their visits.
  • Acting as guardians for students and being available for support 24/7.
  • Establishing open communication channels for students and parents to freely express concerns.
  • Resolving issues promptly by leveraging regular contact with students, parents, and schools.
  • Assisting students in integrating into the new environment and facilitating their transition from their home country.

Examples of Support Services for Students and Parents

Personal Support

Offers additional support to students for personal matters that the school may not be able to provide, ensuring students have someone knowledgeable about the area and country to assist them.

Legal documentation

Maintains and updates all necessary legal documents, including residency permits and visa applications. Assists with document creation and renewal, organising all required information for various activities.

Fullfiling Student Needs

Assists in purchasing books, materials, and other necessary items for students, avoiding delays often experienced when relying solely on the school.

Emegency supervision

Takes charge in emergency situations, ranging from illness-related issues to other types of emergencies. Handles appointments, COVID tests, emergency accommodation, school suspensions, and more.

Travel Assistance

Helps with travel arrangements such as booking flights, accommodation, and airport transfers. Ensures students safely reach their final destination, relieving the stress of coordinating these plans with the school.

Academic Support

Stays informed about students’ academic activities and offers assistance in organising tutoring lessons if needed. Can also attend school meetings on behalf of parents if required.

Accommodation arrangement

Provides safe and suitable accommodation options for students, including choosing dormitories within schools and finding appropriate off-campus accommodation based on the needs and expectations of parents and students.

short-term accomodation

Sources and verifies suitable host families or places for short-term holidays, half terms, and unexpected situations.

School-Parent Communication

Facilitates effective communication between the school and parents, arranging meetings, coordinating schedules, and providing interpretation and translation services when necessary.

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Why Us?

EPI plays a crucial role in addressing school-related issues swiftly. Our regular interactions with students, parents, and schools enable us to find solutions that benefit all parties. By fostering strong relationships with our students, we ensure that they feel integrated and supported during their transition to a new environment.

When selecting the right school or university, we understand that accommodation is a key consideration. Whether a student prefers on-campus boarding or a private living space, EPI is here to facilitate their preferences. We work closely with schools to provide the best possible dormitory options and ensure that our students have the right accommodations.

As students progress to university, their accommodation needs may change. We help them choose between student residences, where they can interact with peers from diverse backgrounds, and private apartments. Our goal is to align with our customers’ preferences and provide tailored solutions.

For parents, finding accommodation can fall into two categories. If a family is relocating to Switzerland, we assist in finding permanent residences such as apartments or houses. For parents visiting their children, we arrange the best hotels, considering proximity to the school or city, based on our customers’ preferences. We also offer transportation from the airport to their respective accommodations.

EPI strives to establish trust and satisfaction with our customers. Building strong relationships not only instills confidence in parents regarding their children’s education but also creates a sense of security for the students. They know they have someone to rely on, even when their parents are not nearby, should any issues or challenges arise.

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Your Partner in Education

At Edelweiss Panorama International, we are proud to offer our comprehensive educational services to support your journey in Switzerland. With our expertise, personalised assistance, and commitment to excellence, we strive to make your educational experience seamless, rewarding, and truly transformative. 

Let us be your trusted partner in shaping a bright and successful future for you or your child. Education in Switzerland starts here, with Edelweiss Panorama International.

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