Transportation, Accommodation, and Personalized Support

We understand the unique needs and preferences of parents when it comes to travel and accommodation arrangements. Our dedicated team specializes in providing a comprehensive range of services tailored specifically to parents visiting Switzerland. From arranging transportation, including flights and airport transfers, to finding suitable accommodation options near schools, we go the extra mile to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for every parent.

Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues - Geneva


Our expertise lies in organizing transportation services that guarantee convenient and hassle-free journeys. Whether it’s booking flights to Switzerland, arranging airport transfers, or suggesting the most suitable modes of transportation within the country, we handle every detail with precision. Our services extend beyond the ordinary, offering private transportation options such as cars, airplanes, and even helicopters for those seeking an extraordinary touch of luxury.

It is important for parents to find the perfect accommodation during their visit. That’s why we excel in assisting parents in selecting appropriate options based on their preferences and requirements. Whether it’s hotels for shorter stays, serviced apartments for added comfort, or long-term rentals for extended periods, we ensure parents feel at home. Moreover, we prioritize proximity to schools, ensuring convenience and easy access for parents.


Carlton Hotel St. Moritz

At Edelweiss Panorama, we believe in providing personalized services that cater to the specific needs and preferences of parents. We take pride in going above and beyond to make every trip smooth and enjoyable. Our team is committed to handling special requests, anticipating individual requirements, and creating a truly exceptional experience for every parent we serve.

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With our in-depth knowledge and connection in Switzerland, we offer valuable insights and recommendations to enhance parents’ visits. From popular attractions and cultural experiences to local amenities, our expertise allows us to guide parents through the hidden gems and must-visit landmarks that make Switzerland such a captivating destination. We strive to ensure that parents make the most of their time and create lasting memories during their stay.


We place the utmost importance on safety and security in all aspects of our services. Parents can rest assured that their well-being and peace of mind are our top priorities. We take every precaution to provide a secure environment, from reliable transportation options to trusted accommodation choices. Additionally, for those seeking extra security measures, we can arrange private security services to address specific concerns or requirements.

We believe in accessible communication and ongoing support. That’s why we make it easy for parents to reach out to us. Our contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and other preferred communication channels, are readily available. Parents can count on our availability and willingness to provide support and assistance throughout their trip. Whether they have questions, need additional information, or require guidance, we are here to help every step of the way.

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We invite you to reach out to us anytime and let our professional assist you in planning your trip. Whether you have questions, need further information, or require guidance, we are here to help.