Guardianship Services


Guardianship Services  Moving abroad, choosing the best school or university is one of the hardest decisions a student and parent needs to make, as it is the new step into the students life, it is what will shape their future to be. Therefore, this decision is crucial, which requires help from professionals. At Edelweiss Panorama […]

Learning a different Language

Swiss schools

Learning a Different Language Switzerland is a very multicultural country, bordering 3 other countries. The official languages spoken in Switzerland are: French, German, Italian and Romansh. With this, the most spoken language in this case is German with around 60% of the total population speaking the language, however, being such a diverse country, the main […]

Sports in Swiss Schools

sport swiss schools

Sports in Swiss Schools Switzerland has amazing landscapes and a variety of them, giving the opportunity for many sports to take place. With mountains of around 4,000 meters high, skiing, hacking, climbing can all take place, and also football, tennis, hockey and many others. With no doubt skiing is one of the most popular sports […]

The Effect of Technology on Education


The Effect of Technology on Education Technology has opened many opportunities, and eased challenges. The role of technology in society has increased more recently compared to any other time. Our lives are constantly changing in every way and will continue to change, with the fast evolution of technology and the internet.Technology is altering how we […]

How Covid affected the Financial Situation in Switzerland

The 7 largest economies in the world were drastically affected some in a positive and others in a negative way. The GDP growth rate is the following (2020):  China: grew by 4.9% United States of America: declined by 2.9% France: declined by 3.9% Germany: declined by 4% Japan: declined by 5.7% India: declined by 7.5% United […]

How Covid-19 affected the Education System in Switzerland

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How Covid-19 affected the Education System in Switzerland The Impact on Universities Covid has affected the lives of everyone around the world, however students had a drastic turn in their day-to-day lives. Switzerland and other countries had to go under lockdown, disrupting work and studies. According to swiss and foreign students located in Switzerland had […]

Swiss Boarding Schools

Boarding schools

Swiss Boarding Schools Why are Swiss boarding schools the best in the world ? Swiss boarding schools are renowned worldwide for their high academic standards and international orientation. In fact, the Swiss education system is ranked among the best in the world by many school ranking organisations. While Swiss public schools have a good reputation, […]

Educational system

Swiss Education

Educational system in Switzerland Practical information on the educational system in Switzerland Primary level In most cantons, the primary level (primary school) lasts 6 years. Kindergarten (or primary schools) normally starts at the age of 4 and lasts 2 years. Children then follow the primary level of education for 6 years, which remains relatively general. […]

Public universities


Public universities How can foreing students be accepted in public universities Admission requirements: To be able to study in Switzerland, you need an admission certificate issued by the higher education institution you have chosen. With this document, you can apply for a residence permit in a canton or apply for a visa at the competent […]

Welcome to Switzerland

Edelweiss Panorama International

Why Switzerland? Switzerland is recognized worldwide for its excellence Switzerland is a small European country that welcomes students from all over the world. It is a country renowned for its excellent universities, groundbreaking research centres and its commitment to investing in the most promising industries of the future. I think Switzerland can be considered the […]