Parent Services

We specialize in catering to the needs of parents whose children attend boarding schools in Switzerland. Edelweiss Panorama International (EPI) offers a range of services to assist parents in various aspects related to their children’s education and stay in Switzerland.

Transportation & Accommodation 

 We arrange transportation and accommodation for parents during their trips to Switzerland. Whether it’s booking flights, arranging airport transfers, or suggesting suitable modes of transportation within the country, we strive to ensure convenient and comfortable travel experiences. Additionally, we assist in finding and booking appropriate accommodation options, such as hotels, serviced apartments, or even long-term rentals, based on the parents’ preferences and requirements.

Swiss Medical Service

We understand the importance of access to quality healthcare services for parents during their stay in Switzerland. We help parents connect with reputable medical facilities and specialists, schedule appointments, and provide guidance on healthcare options available in Switzerland. Whether it’s routine check-ups, specialized treatments, or emergency medical support, we aim to ensure parents have access to reliable healthcare services.

Real Estate Services

If parents are interested in renting or buying real estate in Switzerland, we can assist in the process. We have connections with real estate agencies and can provide guidance on the local market, property options, legal procedures, and related financial considerations. Our aim is to help parents find suitable and desirable accommodations that meet their preferences and align with their long-term plans in Switzerland.

At Edelweiss Panorama International, we strive to provide comprehensive support and assistance to parents, addressing their transportation, accommodation, medical, and real estate needs. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for parents during their visits to Switzerland and their overall engagement with their children’s education and stay in the country.