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The Environment

In addition to its captivating appeal as a holiday destination, Switzerland is an ideal destination for families to live in. It has always enjoyed a peaceful existence as an independent nation, with a low crime rate, political, legal and economic stability, a highly sophisticated financial sector, cultural and of course educational services.

The privileged areas are mainly around the major Swiss cities, although the more remote areas in the countryside also offer a very high quality of life.


Why live in

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As we can see Switzerland as many perks and every reason for foreign investment, as mentioned above and below, Switzerland is open to investment, with great benefits regarding living conditions and overall accessibility of purchasing the real estate.

There is a growing demand from individual and corporate buyers looking to acquire real estate in Switzerland. As a result, the Swiss real estate market has grown steadily and is enjoying stability.

Swiss real estate is a very safe investment as the supply of new second houses is always tightly controlled and new regulations prohibit the construction of future second houses. Prices don’t go up dramatically, and they don’t crash in the event of a problem.

Many investors were attracted to Zurich, being the country’s financial centre. It offers quality lives with its wide-ranging cultural activities, well-established public transport network, and an outstanding health system. Other amazing Swiss real estate spots to focus on include the urban metropolitan areas of Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, Berne and their conurbations. They are all attracting many high net worth investors.

Nothing creates more controversy in the world of investments than real estate. There are challenges to buying Swiss real estate. Non-residents who plan on purchasing a holiday home in tourist spots for residential purposes will have to first get an approval from the cantonal authorities.  There are additional restrictions after the approval, like the investable amount and the size of the property you can buy. Consequently, wealthy foreign investors are usually put off by these obstacles. This is where Edelweiss Panorama International will help you. Particularly for residential real estate, we can offer you properties accessible to foreigners of all nationalities, either in the mountains or by the lake.

Types of real estate:

 When buying real estate, not all fall under the category of residential, there are many other types, such as the ones mentioned below. Consequently, it varies depending on the buyers goal and though and ideas for the future and what type of investment they want to do.


Property Restrictions for Foreigners:

However, you can also buy real estate in Switzerland if:


In either case, you have the same right to buy real estate as a Swiss citizen. You can buy investment property, villas, commercial facilities, and main residences. If you have a Swiss B permit you can buy real estate only for living. 

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Buying Real Estate:

Although real estate costs are high, Switzerland is one of the cheapest places to buy real estate in Europe in terms of transaction costs. Acquisition costs vary depending on the property. According to The Swiss Federal Statistical Office as of 2019; 75,323 vacant residential properties were reported in Switzerland, which represented 1.66% of the housing stock. Although Swiss citizens make up about 85% of all purchasers, foreign investment is still popular for investments from the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Belgium, France, and Germany. Consequently, there is still space for foreign investment in the market, which is encouraging for outside investments.

Can foreigners buy multiple real estate in Switzerland?

Completion of real estate purchase in Switzerland: In Switzerland, notaries handle the transfer of assets. In many Swiss states, notaries are civil servants who work for both buyers and sellers. The purchaser can propose a notary or choose a notary himself.

Generally, notaries do the following:

When it comes to making important real estate decisions, Edelweiss Panorama International is your best partner. With extensive knowledge of the market conditions, we offer extensive real estate consulting services and can guide you through the complexities of the Swiss real estate market. If you want to invest in Swiss real estate, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will work with you to proffer the best solution and maximize your returns on your investment.