EU Business School

EU Business School, established in 1973, is a prestigious international institution renowned for its dedication to providing high-quality business education. With campuses strategically located in key European cities like Barcelona, Munich, Geneva, and Montreux, the school has created a dynamic learning environment that attracts students from around the globe.

Academic Excellence is at the core of EU Business School’s mission. The institution’s faculty, composed of industry experts and seasoned professionals, creates a vibrant learning atmosphere that emphasises practical skills and knowledge. Accreditation from esteemed organisations underscores the school’s commitment to academic rigor.

EU Business School’s global outlook is a significant achievement. Its diverse student body, hailing from various corners of the world, fosters a truly multicultural environment. This international perspective is woven into the curriculum, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of global business dynamics.

Innovative Programs are a hallmark of EU Business School. The institution offers a range of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees. Its MBA programs, in particular, are renowned for their flexibility and specialisation options, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for leadership roles in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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Fostering an Entrepreneurial Spirit is a priority at EU Business School. The institution encourages innovation and creativity through various initiatives and partnerships, equipping graduates with the skills and mindset needed to excel in entrepreneurial ventures or established organisations.

Strong Industry Connections provide students with invaluable networking opportunities and internships, facilitating practical experience and insights into the business world. EU Business School’s partnerships with industry leaders contribute to its reputation as a forward-thinking institution.

Alumni Success speaks volumes about the institution’s impact. EU Business School graduates have achieved remarkable success in diverse industries, emerging as leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators in their respective fields.

In conclusion, EU Business School’s commitment to academic excellence, global perspective, innovative programs, and an entrepreneurial spirit positions it as a leader in business education. The institution’s diverse and accomplished alumni network reflects the lasting influence of EU Business School on the business world.

School AT A Glance


Geneva, Switzerland

(With campuses in Barcelona, Munich and Digital)

Institution type

Business School

Academic Programs

Bachelor's, Master's, MBA, DBA , Executive BBA, and Foundation Programs

Language of instruction



January, March, October

Additional Programs

Business Bridging, Further Education


> 17.5 years old


100+ Nationalities


350+ Students in Geneva Campus

40, 000+ Students worldwide

Number of programs


Application fee

200 CHF

annual tuition

30, 200 CHF

(Depending on discipline of choice)

EU invites important global leaders such as the Chairman of Siemens and Mærsk and the Chairman of Nestlé to give exclusive conferences. These sessions inform students of the latest business practices, offering privileged insights into the operations of some of the world’s top companies. They also provide valuable networking opportunities.