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Frederic Tatu

Frédéric Tatu

Managing Director

Frédéric is the Co-founder of Edelweiss Panorama International. 

He holds a certified ICEF Trained Agent Counselor (#1860). He studied MBA from Business School Lausanne, Switzerland. 

Born in Geneva, with French and German citizenship, Frédéric is an active young entrepreneur running several different types of companies in Switzerland and abroad and has established business relationships and cooperation with several international companies as well as Chinese ones. Throughout his business experience, he often emphasizes the qualities of Switzerland on a socio-economic level. 

He speaks fluent German and French and offers the most professional advice and guidance to international clients on Swiss experience. With a deep knowledge of the Swiss system, he makes every effort to provide concrete and effective solutions for people and companies wishing to develop their business in Switzerland and is committed to providing high quality educational services. 

In his free time, he enjoys racing, motorcycles and other mechanical sports, and excels in golf, tennis and skiing.