Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

Les Roches International School of Hospitality Management is a globally renowned institution known for its excellence in hospitality education. With multiple campuses worldwide, including its flagship Swiss location in Bluche, the school offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience for students aspiring to excel in the hospitality industry.

Founded in 1954, Les Roches has grown into a prestigious network of campuses situated in iconic destinations such as Switzerland, Spain, China, and the United States. Each campus provides a unique learning environment, with the Swiss location nestled in the breathtaking Swiss Alps, offering students a stunning natural backdrop.

Students at Les Roches benefit from a diverse and multicultural community, fostering cultural exchange and global perspectives. This international mix of over, 60 nationalities, aligns perfectly with Les Roches’ mission to prepare students for success in a globalised industry.

Furthermore, Les Roches consistently earns top global rankings in hospitality and leisure management education, affirming its status as a leader in the field. This is solidified by the 2023 Qs WUR Ranking which lists Les Roches at #4 by subject. It continues to shape the future of hospitality by producing graduates who excel in this dynamic and ever-evolving industry.

The Swiss Campus

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The Swiss campus of Les Roches International School of Hospitality Management, located in the picturesque village of Bluche, offers a truly exceptional learning environment. Nestled in the breathtaking Swiss Alps, this campus provides students with a stunning natural backdrop for their educational journey. The campus is renowned for its commitment to delivering a world-class education in hospitality management. It boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including fully equipped kitchens, hotel training rooms, and simulated hotel environments. These facilities enable students to gain practical, hands-on experience in a setting that closely replicates the real-world hospitality industry.

Students at the Swiss campus benefit from the unique cultural and geographic advantages of Switzerland. It’s a hub for the hospitality and tourism industry, offering unparalleled opportunities for internships and industry connections. Graduates from the Swiss campus emerge well-prepared to enter the workforce, armed with the skills and knowledge needed to make a significant impact in the world of hospitality management.

The Swiss campus of Les Roches is a testament to precision, quality, and excellence, aligning seamlessly with the school’s commitment to delivering top-notch education. It’s a place where students receive a solid foundation in hospitality management, culinary arts, and business while enjoying the beauty and serenity of the Swiss Alps.

School AT A Glance


Zurich, Switzerland

Institution type

Hospitality management School

Academic Programs

Bachelor's, Master's and MBA

Language of instruction



February (Spring Semester) and September (Fall Semester)

Additional Programs

Postgraduate Diploma, Professional Development Programs, English, Summer and Semester Abroad programs


> 18 years old


68+ Nationalities


1, 600+ Students

Application fee

275 CHF

Tuition fee

18, 000 CHF to CHF 30, 725

annual tuition

CHF 34, 650 to CHF 61, 450

We have been recruiting at Les Roches for many years. When I look at the ratio that we get from Les Roches, it has been always superior