Leysin American School (LAS) -
Nurturing Bonds, Fostering Leaders, and Embracing Diversity

Published on Sep 21, 2021

leysin american main school building
Leysin American School

Leysin American School (LAS)

In the picturesque Swiss landscape, surrounded by the beauty of the Alps, Leysin American School (LAS) stands as a beacon of community, leadership, and inclusivity. Founded in 1961, LAS has consistently upheld its commitment to excellence in education and fostering a supportive environment for students. Today, we take you on a journey through LAS, where Faculty Families form the bedrock of community, new leadership emerges with fresh perspectives, and diverse extracurricular opportunities empower students to explore their passions.

LAS Camping with bonfire
Leysin American School

Faculty Families: The Heart of LAS

At the heart of LAS lies a cherished tradition that transcends time – Faculty Families. These intimate family units consist of faculty “parents” and student “siblings,” creating bonds that extend beyond the classroom. In this regard, they provide unwavering support to students, helping them transition into the unique world of boarding school life. Beyond support, Faculty Families cultivate a profound sense of belonging and comfort, creating the foundation for compassionate and responsible global citizenship.

This year, Faculty Family Day took students on a captivating journey through Swiss cities like Bern, Geneva, and Lausanne. It was a day of exploration and adventure, offering experiences that ranged from meandering through city streets to wakeboarding on pristine lakes, hiking through the majestic Alps, and mastering the art of crafting Italian pasta. Most importantly, Faculty Family Day at Leysin American School is not merely an event but a tradition that enriches the LAS experience.

The significance of Faculty Families extends far beyond these picturesque landscapes. These close-knit bonds instil essential life lessons in kindness, community, and responsibility. Alumni fondly remember the sense of family and community experienced at LAS, underscoring the importance of Faculty Family activities in creating lasting memories and lifelong support networks.

Leysin American School boys sports team
Leysin American School

A New Director with Fresh Perspectives

LAS’s commitment to fostering a holistic educational experience is further underscored by its welcoming of a new Athletics Director, Joey Shafiq. With eight years of experience at LAS, Joey brings fresh ideas and dynamism to his new role. His background as the previous IB CAS coordinator and a PE teacher reflects his deep commitment to the school’s extracurricular programs.

Beyond his professional role, Joey embodies the spirit of LAS in his personal life. During his spare time, you’ll likely find him mountain biking, snowboarding, golfing, or planning his next surf trip.

Overall, his passion for outdoor activities aligns perfectly with his directorial responsibilities. He will also be coaching the badminton team, exemplifying his dedication to nurturing young talent.  

LAS students hiking in the snow
Leysin American School

Diverse Extracurricular Opportunities

LAS firmly believes in holistic development. It encourages students to engage in both active and creative or service-oriented extracurricular activities each week. The school offers a diverse array of options, allowing students to explore their interests, learn new skills, and broaden their horizons.

For sports enthusiasts, LAS boasts a variety of teams. These include volleyball, football, cross country, golf, and swimming. Those seeking unique yet active experiences can immerse themselves in activities like yoga, dog walking, stand-up paddle boarding, and mountaineering. Creatively inclined students can explore options such as rock school, dance, Dungeons and Dragons, and theatre.

Moreover, LAS values students’ exploration and growth. Even those uncertain about their interests have the opportunity to try various activities and discover their passions. Additionally, this year, LAS introduced new activities like robotics and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, alongside a record number of students trying out for sports teams

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Leysin American School

A Year of Learning, Growth, and Community

As the semester progresses, students commit to their chosen activities for session one, with the option to explore new ones in session two. LAS applauds the dedication of its students and eagerly anticipates the performance of its sports teams. With an emphasis on learning, growth, and community, LAS embarks on a year filled with exciting adventures and empowering experiences for all.

In conclusion, Leysin American School (LAS) stands as a symbol of community, leadership, and inclusivity. From the cherished bonds of Faculty Families to the dynamic leadership of individuals like Joey Shafiq and the diverse array of extracurricular opportunities; LAS offers students a holistic education that prepares them not only for academic success but also for a lifetime of meaningful contributions to the global community. As the school year unfolds, LAS continues to nurture its students, fostering a culture of learning, growth, and camaraderie that transcends borders and creates lasting memories in the heart of Switzerland‘s Alpine beauty. LAS is not just a school; it’s a community that shapes futures and fosters lifelong connections.