Surval Montreux

Surval Montreux Girls School, situated in the charming town of Montreux, Switzerland, boasts a rich heritage of over a century and stands as a beacon of educational excellence for young women worldwide. This institution is renowned for its holistic approach to education, nurturing not only academic prowess but also the development of well-rounded individuals.

Surval Montreux’s commitment to academic excellence shines through its rigorous curriculum and dedicated faculty. With personalised attention, students are encouraged to embrace a love for learning and critical thinking skills. This dedication to academics is evidenced by the school’s outstanding examination results and the success of its graduates in securing placements at renowned universities.

A distinctive feature of Surval Montreux is its global perspective. Welcoming students from over 35 nationalities, the school creates a diverse and inclusive environment that fosters cultural understanding and global awareness. This exposure to different perspectives equips graduates to navigate the complexities of our multicultural world with ease.

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Beyond academics, Surval Montreux places a strong emphasis on character development and leadership skills. The school’s unique Leadership Program empowers students to become confident and responsible global citizens. Through participation in a wide range of activities and experiences, students at Surval Montreux emerge as well-rounded individuals equipped to face the challenges of the future with poise and determination.

School AT A Glance


Montreux, Switzerland

Academic Programs

IGCSE, A-Level, The American High School Program

Language of instruction

French and English


January, August

Additional Programs

Foundation year, Surval Swiss Gap experience


12 to 18 years old


60 Students
35+ Nationalities


Winter and Summer camps

annual tuition

110, 700 CHF
Application fee : 2, 500 CHF

Surval is also one of a few schools in Switzerland which teaches Etiquette, a highlight of all our programmes.

extra-curricular activities

Competitive Sports

To be discussed

Non Competitive Sports

No competition are organized for these sports


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