Boarding students visit campus of Glion Institute of Higher Education to unlock the art of hospitality excellence

Here in Switzerland, our students are fortunate to be close to many world-class universities, such as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and the University of Geneva. Thanks to our location, students at Champittet can benefit from an even wider range of educational and cultural activities – and get a preview of university life early on!

Recently, a group of our boarding students visited the nearby campus of Glion Institute of Higher Education, an internationally renowned hospitality and luxury management institution overlooking Lake Geneva. From undergraduate to postgraduate degrees, Glion offers a wide variety of academic programmes in international hospitality business and luxury brand management. During the campus tour, our students had the chance to learn more about careers in these dynamic fields.

Visit of Glion Institute

The instructors at Glion also gave us a hands-on demonstration of hospitality training. Participating in guided workshops, our students had a wonderful time creating chocolate confectionery and mixing up mocktails.

As this experience showed us, there’s a lot more to culinary perfection than meets the eye. But what a sweet taste this has given us of the art of luxury hospitality, and the many careers in this exciting industry!