A Visit to Le Régent International School in Crans-Montana

Many thanks to Le Régent International School in Crans-Montana for inviting us to discover the projects underway on campus! We were warmly welcomed and had interesting discussions with students and teachers.

le régent
le régent

The school’s commitment to a well-rounded education is reflected everywhere: the modern classrooms, state-of-the-art facilities, and beautiful outdoor spaces create an environment where academic excellence and personal growth are equally encouraged. The school boasts art studios, advanced laboratories, and a library, all designed to support and enhance the educational experience.

The dynamic atmosphere at Le Régent encourages students to follow their passions and excel in their studies. This supportive environment ensures that students develop into well-rounded individuals, prepared to meet future challenges. The dedication of the teachers to creating a stimulating and enriching educational environment is clearly reflected in the success and enthusiasm of the students.

As a sister school of Institut Le Rosey, Le Régent benefits from a shared vision of educational excellence. The collaboration between the two schools allows for the exchange of best practice, innovative teaching methods and inter-school sports challenges, guaranteeing students a high-level education that is both stimulating and encouraging.

During our visit, we were particularly impressed by the variety of projects and initiatives underway. These initiatives aim to enhance the academic experience and promote a sense of community and global awareness among students. From sustainability projects to cultural exchanges, the school actively engages students in meaningful activities that broaden their horizons and prepare them for global citizenship.