From Yale to LAS: A Cappella Magic with the Yale Alleycats

At Leysin American School, we pride ourselves on a diverse and enriching arts program. From music and dance to theatre and visual arts, students at LAS can truly challenge themselves and develop their craft. Recently, the Yale Alleycats, a world-renowned a cappella group from Yale University, performed at the Senior Awards Ceremony and the post-graduation reception. It was such a treat to witness these talented singers perform!

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Founded in 1943, the Yale Alleycats are a singing group that reflects tradition and diversity. They mix many genres, everything from Michael Jackson and Sam Smith to more traditional Jazz pieces. They have performed for public figures such as President Barack Obama, her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Martha Stewart, and Jay Leno. The group’s global reach has seen them perform on numerous continents, bringing their unique sound to audiences worldwide!

Having the Yale Alleycats perform at LAS was an exciting event for our school community! Their presence on campus provided fun entertainment and was really inspiring for our students. It was a perfect demonstration of how dedication to the arts can lead to fantastic opportunities and experiences. Our students had the chance to see firsthand how fellow students are living out their dreams and achieving success in the arts!

from yale to LAS

Students at LAS have abundant opportunities to showcase and develop their artistic talents. From the school play and musical to the Belle Époque Magique concert series, they experience a broad spectrum of artistic expression. Additionally, various after-school creative activities allow them to hone their skills and passions further, developing a deep appreciation for the arts. We love seeing our students express themselves in diverse and enriching ways!

The Yale Alleycats’ performance was a fantastic addition to the Senior Awards Ceremony and the post-graduation reception, adding a sense of excitement and an appreciation of the arts to these important events. Thank you, Alleycats!