John F. Kennedy International School

JFK International School in Switzerland boasts a comprehensive educational program designed to nurture well-rounded individuals poised for success in an increasingly globalized world. 

Their curriculum integrates rigorous academic standards with experiential learning, encouraging students to explore diverse subjects including STEM, humanities, languages, and the arts. Emphasizing hands-on experiences and interdisciplinary approaches, JFK International School prepares students for the challenges of the future by fostering critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. 

With a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities, the school provides ample opportunities for students to develop leadership, teamwork, and communication abilities beyond the classroom.

JFK International School is guided by a set of core values that anchor its dynamic community. Integrity is paramount, encouraging honesty, responsibility and ethical conduct among students, faculty and staff. Respect is the foundation of the school’s culture, fostering an environment of inclusion, empathy and understanding in which individuals from diverse backgrounds feel valued and supported. The school’s commitment to diversity and inclusion manifests itself in the celebration of multiculturalism and the desire to create a safe and welcoming space for all. 

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In summary, JFK International School in Switzerland offers a holistic educational experience that extends beyond academics to encompass personal growth, cultural enrichment, and global citizenship. With a diverse array of extracurricular activities ranging from athletics and performing arts to community service and cultural clubs, students have ample opportunities to explore their passions, develop new skills, and forge lifelong friendships.

Moreover, through its innovative curriculum, commitment to personalized learning, and dedication to fostering well-rounded individuals, JFK International School prepares students to become compassionate, globally-minded leaders equipped to make meaningful contributions to the world.

School AT A Glance


Saanen, Switzerland

Academic Programs


Language of instruction




Additional Programs

Short-term summer experience


6 to 14 years old


120+ Students
23+ Nationalities


Swiss Outdoor Camp

annual tuition

From CHF 39, 500 to CHF 79, 500

Having all these connections with people all over the world, I think has helped me greatly in my life. In terms of working or even just meeting up with friends around the world. Anywhere I go, I have a friend near me

extra-curricular activities

Competitive Sports

To be discussed

Non Competitive Sports

No competition are organized for these sports


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