Summer Camps in Switzerland

Swiss boarding schools come alive in summer, offering a diverse tapestry of enriching summer camps. Amidst the stunning Swiss landscapes, students embark on educational adventures that extend far beyond the classroom. Explore the magic of Swiss summer camps where learning meets natural beauty and cultural diversity.


the Magic of Summer Camps in Switzerland

“A Swiss International Summer Camp with 4o different outdoor activities, quality language classes and discovery of Switzerland with new friends from all around the world.”

Les Elfes International

An Adventure-Lover's Paradise

Summer camps in Switzerland are a dream come true for students who crave both education and excitement. The camps offered here are a harmonious blend of outdoor exploration and academic enrichment. Learning amidst the stunning Swiss landscape becomes an experience that goes beyond books.

Unleashing Creative Potential

Art and creativity camps in Swiss boarding schools encourage young artists to explore their talents. Be it painting, sculpture, music, or theatre, students find joy in creative expression. They gain confidence in their artistic abilities and discover the boundless possibilities of their imagination.

Academic programs

These summer camps also provide students with a diverse range of academic programs. Students can delve into tech-related subjects such as coding, robotics, and 3-D design. Pre-university guidance programs offer SAT preparation and CFA courses, preparing students for their academic futures.

Environmental Stewardship

Boarding schools in Switzerland place a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. Some camps offer hands-on experiences that instil a sense of responsibility towards the environment. Students learn about conservation, sustainable practices, and participate in exciting outdoor adventures that connect them with the pristine Swiss surroundings.

Switzerland’s rich cultural diversity is an integral part of the summer camp experience. Language immersion camps allow students to engage in linguistic exploration, whether it’s learning French, English, or another language. Cultural exchange becomes a way of life, and international friendships bloom.

Leadership and Personal Growth

Some camps focus on developing leaders of tomorrow. They empower students to realise their potential, understand the essence of leadership, and foster personal growth through workshops and hands-on activities. These experiences not only shape individuals but also prepare them for future challenges.

“Creativity and arts might be creating your own movie with the support of a real-life director.”

Institut Montana Zuckerberg


A glimpse of what's offered

Mountain Sports

summer camps in Switzerland HIKING during daytime

These camps offer an exhilarating array of mountain sports adventures in the breathtaking Swiss Alps. Students not only explore the majestic mountains but also engage in a wide range of thrilling activities such as rock climbing and hiking. These experiences create an enduring connection with the Alpine environment, instilling a deep appreciation for nature and a sense of adventure that lasts a lifetime.

Horse Riding

Within the Swiss summer camps, horse riding is more than just an activity; it’s a profound connection with these majestic animals. Students not only ride but also learn valuable equestrian skills, developing patience, discipline, and a deep appreciation for the art of riding.

horse riding in Switzerland summer camps

Leadership Camps

These camps are focused on shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Through a series of workshops and experiential activities, students are empowered to harness their leadership potential. Beyond leadership, these camps encourage personal growth, helping students develop resilience, problem-solving abilities, and a deeper understanding of themselves.

leadership camps
environmental sustainability summer camps in switzerland

Swiss schools have a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. The camps they offer provide hands-on experiences in conservation and sustainable practices. Students learn about the importance of protecting the environment and actively participate in exciting outdoor adventures that connect them with the pristine Swiss surroundings.

Environmental Sustainability Camps

Cultural and Language Immersion Camps

language summer camps

Some Swiss boarding schools offer specialized cultural and language immersion camps. These immersive experiences provide students with the opportunity to delve deep into the culture and language of the host country. Language lessons and cultural activities are integral parts of these camps, allowing students to gain a profound understanding of the local culture and develop language skills.

Many institutions recognise the importance of fostering creativity. They offer a diverse range of programs that nurture students’ artistic talents, whether it’s in music, visual arts, or performing arts. These programs are platforms for self-expression and skill development, providing students with opportunities to explore their creative potential.

art programs in summer camps in switzerland

Water Adventures

For those who seek aquatic thrills, some summer camps in Switzerland offer exciting water adventures. Students can partake in activities such as kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding, and swimming in Swiss lakes. These adventures provide a refreshing contrast to the mountainous terrain, allowing students to explore the waterways and enjoy the natural beauty of Switzerland from a different perspective.

summer camps in switzerland
united nations in geneva switzerland

The multicultural summer camps hosted by these schools serve as cultural melting pots. Students from diverse backgrounds come together, creating an environment that celebrates global unity. Language barriers are broken as students engage in language learning, cultural exchange, and the opportunity to forge international friendships that can last a lifetime.

Multicultural Camps