When moving abroad, the main worry a parent has is the safety and wellbeing of their children. Having a guardian facilitates the moving and adaptation process of a child and it eases the stress of sending them abroad due to the fact that parents are not physically there. Edelweiss Panorama International offers guardianship services to its clients to facilitate the relocation process, to promote the students welfare, by working closely with their respective schools and parents at all times. 

A guardian has various responsibilities over a student, as we help with issues concerning visa applications, residency permits, provide emergency assistance, academic guidance, personal assistance and among many other services. 

Having guardian for your child comes with great advantages:

  1. Provides additional support to the student that the school is not able to provide. So students can always turn to someone that knows the area and country to assist them with personal matters. 
  2. Maintains all the legal documents up to date, so residency permits, visa applications, provides assistance to make and renew documents, and organizes all the documents and information that is needed for the stated activities.
  3. Assistance with travel, booking flights, accommodation, airport transfer, and ensure that the student has safely arrived at his/her final destination. It is stressful to coordinate all these plans with the school, therefore having someone who can be relied on to perform all these tasks is helpful.
  4. Purchase of books, materials, and any other items the student needs, often schools are slow in the progress to deliver students their needs, mainly due to the fact that they have various students to take care of. 
  5. The guardian is aware of the students academic activities, can help organize tutoring lessons if required, the guardian can also attend school meetings if they are required. 
  6. Provides safe and suitable accommodation for the student. From choosing the dorms in the schools, to finding appropriate accommodation, depending on the parents and students needs and expectations.
  7. Supervises the student in any emergency case, such as illness related, or any other type of emergency. (Ranges from appointments, Covid tests, emergency accommodation, school suspension and among many others)
  8. Facilitate the communication between the school and parents, meeting arrangements and coordination, interpretation and translation.
  9. Sourcing and checking of a suitable host family/place for short-term holiday and half terms and in unexpected situations.
  10. 24/7 emergency phone service for students and parents.


Having a guardian for children and students means that your child will always be protected at all costs. As mentioned EPI, provides many of these services, however some important ones fall under the category of emergency access. Here we can find issues such as a medical emergency in which a student needs to be taken to the hospital or a clinic, here the guardian will arrange all the necessary information and issues, and will be the main point of contact between the student and the parents, another issue is emergency travel, due to personal issues, in which the guardian will be responsible to arrange the whole program, and even suspension and expulsion from school grounds, which is not common however it could occur, in which the guardian is responsible to find an accommodation for the student and deal with the issue with the school. 

As last year was full of worries and chaos, the importance of moving a guardian was clearly identified. With schools closing down from day to night, countries going on national lockdown, flights being canceled and stopped completely, the role of the guardian was to facilitate this process in order for students and parents not to feel overwhelmed. This goes from arranging private charters and repatriating flights for children to go back home to their parents, and the whole process facilitation. 

EPI wants their customers to feel comfortable and happy with their decision of moving abroad, while facilitating as much as possible. Our services are very diverse, as we are always trying to accommodate our customers’ needs first. We will always do everything possible to safeguard and promote the student’s welfare working closely and openly with the schools and parents at all times 24/7.